September's Challenge



September is our new year.  New children come in, as others leave.  Everything changes.

One challenge is the pecking order.  Multiage is all about that and it can cause uncertainty in some of the children.

Another challenge is regulation and it can be very noisy until we achieve this in our program.  There is a lot of stress involved for the children and for me.  

This is why I was drawn to these two books on our weekly trip to the library.  Let me introduce them to you.

'Threads' is about attachment.  Written and illustrated by Torill Kove, this book shows our connections to the ones we love, particularly our parents.  It helps us realize that we have a love tie to our special people to help us navigate the difficult days and to share the sweet days.  It also addresses the scary world of growing up.  I like to encourage children to talk about families and remember them throughout the day.  We have a family board that the children reference often.  It's a good thing for everyone.

The illustrations in 'Threads' are simple but captivating.  This is an awesome book to introduce to your child as they explore their world and new experiences.

'The Silence Slips In' is all about restoration in a busy noisy world.  Silence comes when we need it and when we seek it.  Written by Allison Huges and Illustrated by Ninon Pelletier, 'Silence' gives us the balance between chaotic noise and the refuge of silence after the storm.  As an Early Childhood Educator, silence is my dear friend and I look forward to it as often as I can get it.  I love the energy of children and the peaceful retreat from it as children rest or engage in a more quiet, thoughtful process in their learning.  Balance is everything.  This is a great book to introduce children to the concept of quiet and rest and to help them regulate themselves in a hectic day.  We can all benefit from welcoming quiet and rest in our busy days.

Check these authors and artists out and enjoy what they have to offer.


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