I'm Back Like a House on Fire

It is almost the end of October and I am aware that I've been absent from this blog for quite a while.   I have a bunch of little reasons (the Littles in my Early Childhood Education Centre).  Along with how busy the new Fall season is, I have been making major changes to the facility and to my program and something had to give.  It was this blog.

I wanted to share last week's visit from our local Fire Fighters.  I always love this time of year.  Whether we go to the Fire Hall or invite them to our place, we always have a great time.  

I have a really young group this year and so we invited the truck to come to us.  I love meeting the new trainees.  They are so enthusiastic and so caring.  This year we had six come to visit us.  

There are some really important things to include in a visit from the fire department.  if you have not had a safety check yet, this might be a good time to run through everything and to get some feedback about your alarms and equipment.  Child Care Centers will have a special visit from the crew every year, to make sure that standards are being met.

This would also be a good time to conduct your monthly fire drill.  Change this up from time to time.  Conduct an emergency evacuation on month and go out a window if this is one of your escape plans.  Hang spider webbing 2 feet above the floor and tell the children it is smoke and they have to crawl under it.

A very important part of the visit is the chance to see a firefighter in all their gear.  Our people start from the boots/pants and work up until they are dressed and are wearing the mask.  Make sure they turn the air on so that children can hear what it sounds like.  This important step will show your children what it sounds like to breathe through an oxygen mask.  This is how your child will see and hear a firefighter if you had a fire in your home.  When they speak it can sound strange to a child and scare them into hiding instead of revealing where they are.  Children will learn that when they hear the words, "Call out" or Where are you?", help is here.  They can trust the person behind the voice.

And really, the most important part of this visit to the children is to get inside that truck, see the lights and pretend to drive.  We put out safety cones, post a guard and let the children have their fill of this exciting adventure.  

When are you going to schedule your visit?  


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