The Capsule Wardrobe Hidden in our Closet

I have been minimalizing lately.  In the last few weeks, I have gotten on board with my health inspired change in diet.  I have removed gluten, dairy, and sugar in the quest to reduce pain and inflammation.  It seems to be working.  This weekend I tackled my wardrobe.

My closet is a constant source of frustration and guilt for me.  Even though I don't buy a lot of clothing, neither do I get rid of clothing I'm not wearing.  Thus the guilt.  In the previous week, I researched what a sustainable, ethical wardrobe would look like.  Sustainability assumes that the clothing is well made, uses natural fibers and is made to last.  Ethical clothing might mean vegan (no animal products) and that the crafters of the clothing are working in acceptable conditions and being paid a fair wage.  I researched what a wardrobe would look like with a minimalist viewpoint and what pieces I might be missing.

Guess what!  I already have one...a capsule wardrobe.  And, as you might guess, they are the clothes that I wear all the time.  You probably have one too.  You already know what looks good on you, what feels good on you, the colors you love to wear and the way you pair the clothing to get different looks.  It all just gets lost in the forest of clothing you don't wear.

Tee shirts and jeans make up my uniform.  I rarely wear nice blouses or sweaters because it would just be too cumbersome in my job.  I need freedom of movement with the Littles.  But when I dress up, I like a nice blazer, soft sweater or classy blouse.  My wardrobe has all of these as well as black dress pants, a pencil skirt and a jean skirt, two red dresses and one little black dress. I have a few warm sweaters and some athletic wear for walking, hiking, and kayaking.  My Tees, long and short-sleeved, are 90 % cotton with a bit of stretch.  I love them.  They are Canadian made, affordable and they never lose their shape, never!  I also have cotton-blend pants that wear very well and have lots of give in them.

So what went in the three garbage bags to goodwill?  Tops I tried on a whim because I liked the pattern, but they never really seemed to fit my style.  I remember my mother telling me to pick my style and stick with it.  I should have listened to her.  Because when I do, I feel amazing.  So, rogue tops, things I think I may get into again one day.  Sigh.  Let it go!  Jeans that are like new but the length is uncomfortable when I sit down or the leg shape always bothers me.  Sweaters that look wonderful but make me feel claustrophobic.  Long flowy skirts.  I wish I was a long flowy skirt type of person but I'm not!  Not even when I go to Salt Spring Island (which I do every year).  Clothing that was my mothers' and I couldn't get rid of when she died.  Today, I felt ready to do it.  I won't wear them.  We had completely different styles. 

It felt amazing to see all this weight slip away and to know that picking out my outfits will take less time and less stress because everything I have is loved and perfect for me.

I am also able to see what few pieces I want to purchase to complete my wardrobe.  I would like to find a knee-length cardigan, a button-up white shirt and a white Tee for my collection.  And I would be so happy if I was able to thrift these items.  Sustainable and ethical.  It couldn't be better.


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