Problem Solving with Red Riding Hood

The train table is one of my favorite activity centers.  Today we are using it as a problem-solving scenario.  After reviewing the story of Red Riding hood, the children joined me at the table to help Red avoid the wolf while navigating problems on her route.  

Here Red is blocked by a pile of wood in the middle of the road.  The children could choose between a woodcutter clearing the path or the option to fill the wagon with the wood and push it out of the way.  They chose the wagon and each child helped to load the wood into the wagon.

Next Red came to a fork in the road.  Red knew that the Wolf was in the forest to the left.  How could she keep him from following her?  The children could choose between a pile of rocks on the road or a one-way sign, pointing back into the forest.  They thought the sign was funny and chose it.

After accomplishing this task, Red came across a pile of dried wood shavings.  She could gather it into a basket or rake it to the side.  The rake was selected.

Next, Red came to a pond.  She could cross the pond on a bridge or she could row a boat across.  Without hesitation, the children chose the bridge.

Red was quickly at grandma's house.  

The children loved this activity and this idea could be implemented in many story activities.

The supplies were gathered from what I had on hand.  The rug is often used on our table and was purchased at Walmart.  I found a similar one on Amazon.  

My props included a wolf from our animal sets, a wagon, boat, rake, bucket, rocks, small craft sticks, a one-way sign, a woodcutter, a flannel pond, a house, and Red Riding Hood.  

We have a mixed age group and each child was fully engaged.  I hope this inspires you to make your own problem-solving activities


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