Ocean Inspired Glass Painting



I love to thrift.  I often pick up things that don't suit my decor but with a little tweak, they could.  This candleholder was one lucky find.

The metal was black.  That fits with my decor.  But the glass was amber and I didn't love it.  I decided to use a technique I have done with the children.  I mixed food coloring paste with Modge Podge until I got several tints of greens and blues.  This technique is not waterproof.  You will never be able to submerge your glass into water without it breaking down.  It is, however, able to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.  

I wanted a loose, wild kind of painting technique.  I didn't want it to look like polished glass.  I wanted texture and I wanted a lack of uniformity.  So I just splashed it on, so to speak.  It kind of reminds me of the ocean in a storm.  

It goes on opaque and dries clear.  I use tea lights in it and I don't have any melting or distortion on the glass.  

-Metal base candle holder with Glass removable chimneys
-Modge Podge
-Wilson Food Color Paste (craft store or Walmart)
-Flat brush for painting
-Bowls for mixing
Parchment paper for placing the glass on for painting and drying

1.  Clean the base and the glass thoroughly.  Make sure to remove any lint from your cloth.

2.  Mix a small amount of paste into about an 8th of a cup of Modge Podge.  Keep adding and stirring the paste until you have the color you want.  I use a toothpick to pick up my color and for stirring.

3.  Brush the glue onto your glass in a way that looks good to you.  Try not to make it too thick.  The thinner it is, the better it dries.

4.  When completely dry, assemble your candle holder and add tea lights.  

Enjoy your lovely glass candles.  


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