The Very Hungry Caterpillar DIY Story Prop


This is another story prop that has evolved over the years.  My earlier attempts had flaws and I wanted a prop that was easy to clean, easy to use, and child friendly.  I often go through my games and supplies to evaluate if they are worth the space they are taking up.  This game, the bones of my DIY, was a Monkey Drop game.  Children would remove the skewers while trying not to release the monkeys.  It is a bit ambitious for Day Care and was not a favorite pick.  I was about to remove it when I saw it in a new light.  It would make the perfect caterpillar body for one of our favorite stories by Eric Carle.  

I removed the leaves, monkeys and skewers and started to look at it critically for how to best alter it.  To be honest, very little had to be done.  I went to the storybook illustrations and looked at the colors I wanted to use.  My paint colors are as follows:  Rustoleum Chalk Paints in light yellow/green, darker green, light and dark blue, and rose.  I sprayed the base with the yellow/green color, and then lightly sprayed streaks of color around the body.  I sprayed the lid with the rose color.

Once the container was painted, I moved on to the story pieces, the food the caterpillar ate.  I made these on PowerPoint.  The circles were set to 3.5 cm.  I made a sheet of them and then duplicated that sheet.  Then I inserted the required food items into each circle.    I decoupaged the pictures onto 2 inch wooden discs which you can purchase here.


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